RSVP YES to make wonderful things happen for families facing blood cancer!

When you swap your birthday prezzies for donations this year – you'll further life-saving research and provide precious relief for families doing it tough through blood cancer.

If that’s not something to celebrate... we don’t know what is!

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Birthdays are special!

They remind us that we're getting older... but also of just how far we've come!

Life is precious.

Anyone who has had their life touched by blood cancer knows just how important it is to celebrate every birthday.

Every opportunity we have to spend with our loved ones should be cherished and celebrated – especially on our birthday!

Let's get the party started! 

Create your virtual birthday card!

Add a profile picture and write up a short story of why you’re dedicating your birthday to helping families facing blood cancer.

Share it with friends and family!

Post it all over your socials and send the link to friends and family.

Ask everyone to donate in your honour instead of buying you prezzies this year.

Use all of these hashtags to feature on our socials too!

#BestBirthdayEver #PartyForAPurpose #BeatBloodCancer

Your friends and family can write in your virtual card and add some fun decorations!

Soon your card will be full of photos, messages and warm-fuzzies. Every dollar you raise by swapping your prezzies for donations will be put to work helping families facing blood cancer and helping researchers save lives.

All that’s left to do... is celebrate wonderful you.

We’ll drop by your inbox with some inspo, warm birthday wishes and confetti... because who doesn’t love confetti!? 

P.S Sorry about the mess!

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